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Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions

Drive optimal efficiency with our ERP solutions

Streamline Key Organizational Processes

Achieve optimal performance efficiency with our end-to-end enterprise planning solutions - designed to simplify and enhance business processes. We offer a comprsehensive platform that integrates various functions, departments, and data into a centralized system. Whether you need workflow management or want to scale to meet transforming demands, our ERP solutions cater to the diverse needs of businesses of all sizes. At SMB Services, we specialize in creating adaptable and dynamic platforms, integrated with a variety of data sources, that can meet your multifaceted business requirements.

Manage All Aspects of Your Business

We consolidate tasks, processes, and data into a single interface platform. So, your in-house and remote team can work seamlessly together to foster improved collaboration and communication, enhancing overall productivity. On top of this, with our solutions, you no longer have to struggle with unnecessary complexity or functionalities that don't apply to your business. Rather, we’ll build you a well-integrated system that works ideally for your business. Based on your needs, we integrate the right modules into your ERP system.


Improve Processes with High-level ERP Solutions

Finance Management

  • Easily manage financial transactions with an intuitive platform
  • Maintain an accurate general ledger and track financial data
  • Make vendor payments and invoice management hassle-free
  • Improve cash flow by managing AR and AP efficiently
  • Plan finances effectively by budgeting smartly
  • Access real-time financial reports and analytics
  • Track trends, and make strategic financial decisions

Supply Chain Management

  • Ensure inventory levels are aligned with sales forecast
  • Accelerate order processing while maintaining accuracy
  • Optimize communication and collaboration – ensure a reliable supply chain
  • Based on data-driven demand forecasting, reducing inventory holding costs
  • Minimize shipping costs and ensure timely delivery with logistics
  • Efficiently manage purchasing processes to reduce procurement
  • Create a coherent supply chain by integrating all required elements

Customer Relationship Management

  • Access a 360-degree view of your customers
  • Understand customer preferences, purchase history, and interactions
  • Track and manage sales leads, ensure no opportunity goes unnoticed
  • Design and execute tailored marketing campaigns
  • Improve customer service, quickly address inquiries and issues
  • Streamline sales funnel, make it more efficient and productive
  • Identify trends and areas for improvement

Production Planning

  • Reduce lead times and ensure timely product delivery
  • Manage materials efficiently, reduce waste and costs
  • Ensure the right usage of resources and production targets are met
  • Improve overall production efficiency eliminate holdups and streamline workflows
  • Be adaptive to swift market changes, adjust production plans in real-time
  • With efficient resource allocation run production processes smoothly
  • Analyze production data and trends to identify areas for improvement

Partner with Trusted ERP Experts

From procurement and inventory management to customer relationship management and production planning, our ERP system keeps your business finely tuned, efficient, and ready for expansion. We’ve partnered with the most renowned and proven ERP providers, including SAP S/4HANA, Oracle Fusion Cloud, and other leading on-premise and cloud ERP platforms to ensure that you have access to the best ERP software solutions available.


Data Analysis

Our ERP solutions integrated with advanced data analysis capabilities help you transform raw data into actionable insights, providing a holistic picture of your business performance.


Business Intelligence

Our business intelligence solutions empower you with real-time access to critical information, enabling your business with informed and strategic decision-making.


Seamless Integration

We seamlessly integrate our ERP solutions into your existing ecosystem in order to ensure a hassle-free transition for a more improved platform.



Choose the deployment option that suits your business needs – on-premise, cloud-based, or hybrid. We develop adaptable solutions to meet your unique needs.

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