Case Study

Tania Kazi 

Spreading Wellness Across Borders

Tania Kazi is a passionate wellness expert who is dedicated to helping individuals, employees, high-achievers, CEOs, and leaders cultivate stronger relationships and attain holistic well-being in both their personal and professional lives. With over 15 years of experience in meditation, Tania holds Yoga Alliance certifications in Instinctive Meditation and has completed a 500-hour yoga teacher training. She values the critical importance of both physical and mental well-being. To broaden her impact and connect with a global audience, she sought a user-friendly and easy to manage website. 


Turning Ambition into Action

Tania approached SMB Services with a clear vision. She aimed to expand her reach and aid global individuals and organizations in achieving holistic well-being. However, her existing online presence fell short of capturing this ambition. Tania sought an online platform that would not only reflect her expertise but also cater to a worldwide clientele. A website that would demonstrate her services on a broader scale. The website needed to be informative, engaging, and capable of capturing leads for consultations and subscriptions. 

Our Strategy

Connecting the world to wellness

Partnering with Tania, we devised a strategy to develop a visually stunning and highly functional website from scratch. Leveraging WordPress technology, a robust Content Management System (CMS), as well as advanced scripting languages including JavaScript and Core PHP, our professional web developers aimed to enable Tania with the ability to effortlessly manage her content. Besides, our focus was on allowing Tania to engage actively with her audience through rich and informative content. 

To achieve that, we integrated robust blogging capabilities by installing user-friendly plugins on WordPress, enabling Tania to regularly share insights, research findings, and valuable resources with her audience. This not only establishes her as a thought leader in the wellness community but also fosters deeper connections with her followers. In addition to that, we planned to integrate essential functionalities such as booking consultations and subscription forms. These integrations streamline the user experience and allow Tania to capture leads and nurture relationships with potential clients, guide them about the wellness programs, and expand her influence within the global wellness community.  

  • Appealing and Modern Design 
  • Content Management System (CMS) 
  • Lead Capture Forms 
  • Ongoing Support and Maintenance 


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An Appealing Online Platform

The apex of our efforts resulted in a user-friendly website that exceeded Tania’s expectations. The website, built from the ground up using core PHP, JavaScript, and CSS, boasts an aesthetically beautiful design that captures Tania’s essence – an emotive online platform that reflects her expertise and passion for promoting well-being. Its intuitive navigation makes it easy for users to explore, while the backend functionality enables Tania to manage content with ease.  

In addition to delivering a remarkable customized website, we ensure ongoing support and maintenance, keeping the site up-to-date, fixing bugs, and publishing Tania’s distributions promptly. With our support, Tania can now benefit from a powerful platform to create positive change around the world.