Case Study

OPEN Silicon Valley

Elevating Online Reach

OPEN Silicon Valley is a non-profit organization founded in 2001 by Pakistani Entrepreneurs of North America to help bridge the approachability gap for influential community members. The organization that offers educational seminars, career counseling, business mentorship, and networking opportunities to Bay Area residents. Unifying industry-leading professionals, thought-leaders, and entrepreneurs in the community, they strive to promote entrepreneurship and professional growth through intuitive workshops. SMB Services has been actively supporting OPEN SV with many marketing growth initiatives since July 2022.


Enhancing Social
Media Presence

In this age of digitalization, active social media manifestation is the bottom line for organizations to build a connection with their community. Along with active social postings about in-house events and updates, it equally weighs on having an unambiguous social media marketing strategy to boost positive brand awareness in the community. This principle inspired OPEN SV to preserve continual visibility across social platforms. But committing to this social media allotment was impeding the organizations core responsibilities.

As a result, OPEN SV teamed up with us to meet their periodic and strategic social media marketing requirements. Their goal was to preserve and improve their social media presence within their community and globally, aiming to grow and edify their followers about their ongoing and upcoming undertakings. OPEN SV sought a trustworthy establishment to reduce its social media publicizing workload and virtual growth and trusted us with their needs. From that point onwards, SMB Services has been diligently catering to their social media marketing necessaries to augment and maintain their social media presence.

  • Competition:
    The market of social media is more powerful and expanded than ever. However, maintaining a consistent social media presence is extremely important yet nearly impossible, especially when you have loads of parallel organizations to compete with.

  • Upholding Growth:
    Driving and sustaining growth on social media platforms entirely weighs on an effective strategy. That included curating visually appealing posts with engaging content to grasp the target audience’s interests on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. SMB Services was challenged with sustaining OPEN SV’s social media growth in diverse social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Our Strategy

Making a positive change

Social Media Marketing/Management (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn)
Content Management (Periodic Social Media Posts)
Creative Design (Compelling Artwork Posts)

As a supple and collaborative partner, our leadership team actively worked to develop a flexible yet result-driven strategy to keep their community followers engaged and connected. Our digital marketing experts arranged an orderly social media calendar plan to post the right content on the right social channel at the right time. Most posts were designed and curated with ingenuity and target audience in mind. Today’s audience seeks authenticity and a super polished piece of content and design to explore its idea properly. But we ideally observed each post’s interaction time, likes, commits, and other underlying factors to gauge its content, design, event, and time to further change or advance them for a better user experience – hence more engagement.

To drive more audience interaction time from sporadic posts, we coupled each post with improved content and design to leverage audience attention. Without a doubt, posting content alone isn’t pleasing enough to social media scrollers; creative design alone won’t meet the post’s purpose, and posting randomly isn’t necessarily wise until and unless something new or exciting happens for the target audience benefits. So, each aspect combined in a meaningful way played an effective role in our strategy to boost OPEN SV’s social media presence.







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Reaching Higher Than Expected

Despite emergent challenges and constant planning along the way, our team is delighted to announce that we’ve been seamlessly working with our client to reach new heights. Within six months of our engagement, we expanded their reach across many social media platforms.

Besides, we are steadily excelling in these performance metrics. We continue to serve their social media marketing demands in order to expand their reach even more. Our ability to generate leads outside of low-funnel campaigns, grow into new platforms, and constant ordeals contributed to our shared success. We are excited about OPEN SV’s future as they continue to provide access to deserving entrepreneurial people in the community doorways to fruitful and lucrative connections.