A Step-by-Step Guide to Launching a Digital Marketing Campaign In 2023

digital marketing campaign

While the number of digital users grows by the minute, businesses continue to embrace new digital marketing campaign strategies to expand their reach. Regardless of your business size and podium, digital marketing seamlessly contributes to its growth. From improving brand awareness to traffic potential and driving more sales, digital marketing helps unlock new business initiatives that drive coveted results.

Given this, conventional marketing is, slowly but surely, losing ground with each passing day – triggering the full scope of digital marketing across the globe.

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What Is A Digital Marketing Campaign?

Simply put, it’s a strategic effort to promote a specific business goal with the help of content elements and promotional methods across a digital media platform.

However, setting an efficient digital marketing campaign is key to enabling your brand to access incredible lengths in traffic, awareness, and revenue.

The cornerstone of a brand’s growth is pertinent to a carefully planned digital marketing strategy. But in this situation, the key is how well you would carry out a digital marketing campaign to stand out.

This guide will help you strategize a digital marketing campaign in a step-by-step manner to better engage with customers and steer a higher number of conversions easily.

Launch A Digital Marketing Campaign In 7 Steps

To begin with, a marketing campaign launch requires a lot of planning, research, time, and, more importantly, patience. Several moving pieces tend to appear while working on a marketing campaign, which can be overwhelming at times if you have never done this before.

Follow the steps below for a successful digital marketing campaign launch:

1 – Marketing Goals

Defining marketing objectives is the very first step you need to go through. These are primarily well-defined and measurable goals you want your business to achieve. For example, is it more Traffic that you want in your niche? Leads? Or simply, more Conversions?

You would probably have too many dots to connect when it comes to identifying your business goals. However, pursuing several goals at once doesn’t necessarily work in a single campaign. Make sure to choose one focus. What is it that you want to accomplish with digital marketing?

Here are some typical examples of business goals:

  • Increasing Brand Awareness
  • Boosting Sales
  • Gaining Followers
  • Growing Organic Traffic

Even though the examples mentioned above are worth pursuing business goals, they’re not well-defined.

You need to set attainable and well-defined goals. In short, you need an optimized digital marketing strategy.

For example:

  • Improving brand awareness by getting a social media influencer on-board
  • Optimizing website from an SEO perspective for services to double conversion rates
  • Increasing Facebook Followers to 20k at the end of the year 2023

Launching a marketing campaign involves digging deeper into data to set well-defined goals bring fresh and new digital marketing campaign ideas to the table.

2 – Target Audience

Marketing is more effective when it’s targeted towards a specific audience. The next step involves identifying your target audience for better outcomes. In the same way, you’ll need to accurately define your target market before you launch a digital marketing campaign.

Who is your target consumer?

Instead of blindly marketing your products and services and wasting valuable resources and time, it’s better to research your target market thoroughly. That would include identification of their Demographics, Behaviors, and Psychographics (also requires creating a buyer/customer persona):

  • Age
  • Country
  • Profession
  • Earnings
  • Interests
  • Lifestyle (Hobbies)

Closely understanding your target customers can help make the marketing campaign efforts more powerful.

3 – Topic & Keyword Research

Your marketing objectives and the target market should be obvious at this point. Once you have established those grounds, it’s time to understand your target audience’s needs and search intent. Although countless methods emerge to help you figure this out, finding the right set of keywords through search queries would be more sensible.

With the help of those keyword phrases, you can devise interesting topics your audience wants to read about.

In case you’re wondering where you can find such keywords that many targeted audiences would search into search engines, here is a list of keyword-finding tools that would help:

From those listed sites, you can easily extract keywords related to your niche and products and services to boost your marketing campaign.

4 – Competitor Analysis

Studying competitors helps you gain insights into your business positioning. Where does your business stand, and where do you want it to be? In addition, it gives you insights into what your business lacks.

This will help you plan competitive digital marketing campaign ideas that have better chances of succeeding.

A few questions you need to have in mind while doing a competitor analysis are:

  • What do you do? What do they do?
  • How are they making more sales?
  • What is their marketing strategy?
  • What do you do better?

Responding to such questions might provide you with hints on how to outperform competitors (other digital marketing experts) and win over more devoted clients.

5 – Delivery Channel

Even though running your digital marketing campaign across multiple channels is necessary, you need to focus on one or two digital channels at first (where most of your target audiences are).  That is to say; there are several channels where you can potentially run your campaign. That includes Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Google Ads, Email Marketing, Pinterest, and much more.

So, it’s better to understand each channel’s ins and outs before launching a digital marketing campaign.

Choose a single channel to bind all your goals while using a combination of different channels simultaneously.

For instance, if you want to increase your Facebook followers by 10k in 40 days, there are many ways to reach that goal:

  • Running Facebook Ads with Engaging Stories
  • Inviting Target People to Like Your Page
  • Creating & Posting Compelling Video Content
  • Hosting Giveaways
  • And much more…

Which channel you’ll want to harness for a marketing campaign launch is crucial. Therefore, analyze a channel where most of your targeted audience is before doing so.

Setting a campaign budget is also mandatory for all the paid advertising you’ll be running.

6 – Content Assets

Within the digital marketing campaign, you also need to have a content marketing strategy in mind. The content should be curated to follow your marketing campaign and business goals.

So, you need to create content assets that hinge on the campaign you’re leading.

For instance, when you run ads on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube, make sure all the content you have created is creative, engaging, and compelling enough to make consumers click on the landing pages to discover more.

In the same way, you must do the same for the landing pages to engage the target user into a potential convert/follower (depending on your goal).

Types of Content Assets:

  • Blog Posts
  • Infographics
  • Slides
  • Videos
  • And more…

But, more importantly, you need to integrate ingenuity and data-driven elements into your content assets that would fascinate the users better than your competitors’ content. In short, these are the main elements that would get you closer to your goals.

7 – Campaign Performance

Finally, it’s time to monitor each of your marketing campaign events. If they’re not driving good results, you need to go back and analyze what to do differently.

While all the pieces of the puzzles might be there, extract before and after data to make a head-to-head comparison. That’s how you gauge your marketing campaign’s effective and non-effective actions.

Hence, execute a proper analysis along the way to check what’s working and what isn’t. In addition, here are a few questions you’ll need to investigate:

  • Was there an increase in traffic and subscribers as a result of the new blog posts?
  • Which post led to more conversions?
  • Is the bounce back rate getting higher or lower?

All things considered, you need to keep track of each action performed in the process from start to finish.

Many of your digital marketing efforts may not provide you with promising outcomes.  Nevertheless, instead of becoming disappointed, study other digital marketing campaign ideas and examples as an experiment to discover what works and what doesn’t – measurement drives positive results.

Digital Marketing Campaign Plan: Campaign Tasks and Timelines

Since digital marketing is a complex and ever-changing field, tasks and the timeline will likely depend on the campaign you’re running.

However, this table below should give you a good starting point for planning your own digital marketing campaign.

StageTaskTimelinePerson Responsible
PlanningSet Goals1 Month Before LaunchMarketing Manager
Define Target Audience1 Month Before LaunchMarketing Manager
Choose Channels1 Month Before LaunchMarketing Manager
Create Content Calendar1 Month Before LaunchContent Manager
Create Ad Copy1 Month Before LaunchCopywriter
Set Up Tracking1 Month Before LaunchMarketing Manager
CreationCreate Content2 Weeks Before LaunchContent Manager
Design Ads2 Weeks Before LaunchDesigner
Launch CampaignMarketing Manager
LaunchTrack Results1 Week After LaunchMarketing Manager
Make Adjustments1 Week After LaunchMarketing Manager
OptimizationContinue Tracking Results1 Month After LaunchMarketing Manager
Make Further Adjustments1 Month After LaunchMarketing Manager
AnalysisAnalyze Results3 Months After LaunchMarketing Manager
Make Decisions About Future Campaigns3 Months After LaunchMarketing Manager

Key Takeaways

A marketing campaign’s success depends on a variety of things, but without question, one of them is how effectively you plan it.

When you’re organizing the launch of your campaign, it’s crucial to have a roadmap, and you should ideally make sure you cover every step as mentioned above.

As the business landscape is always changing, digital marketing tactics are also bound to change. Thus, make sure to execute proper, inclusive research to sense an in-depth insight into the market and its ongoing trends.

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